I'm a doctoral researcher at the University of Stuttgart Visualization Research Center (VISUS) and part of the collaborative research center SFB-TRR 161 on quantitative methods for visual computing. I develop new methods to assess, model, and predict performance of visual computing systems. Thereby, I focus on applications from the domain of scientific visualization.


  • Scientific visualization
  • Performance prediction
  • Volume rendering
  • Graphics hardware


  • M.Sc. in Computer Science, 2016

    University of Stuttgart, Germany

  • B.Sc. in Computer Science, 2013

    Osnabrück University, Germany

Recent Publications

Volume-Based Large Dynamic Graph Analytics Supported by Evolution Provenance

We present an approach for the visualization and interactive analysis of dynamic graphs that contain a large number of time steps. A …

Space-time volume visualization of gaze and stimulus

We present a method for the spatio-temporal analysis of gaze data from multiple participants in the context of a video stimulus. For …

Adaptive Encoder Settings for Interactive Remote Visualisation on High-Resolution Displays

We present an approach that dynamically adapts encoder settings for image tiles to yield the best possible quality for a given …

Volume-Based Large Dynamic Graph Analytics

We present an approach for interactively analyzing large dynamic graphs consisting of several thousand time steps with a particular …

Power Efficiency of Volume Raycasting on Mobile Devices

Power efficiency is one of the most important factors for the development of compute-intensive applications in the mobile domain. In …



We developed the TRRojan framework for systematic empirical evaluation of the performance of visual computing algorithms. The TRRojan is designed to effectively carry out quantitative benchmarks in a clean, reproducible, and easy-to-use manner. It uses a plugin architecture for simple extensibility with additional applications. The framework is published as open source software (MIT licence) and the data we obtained during measurements, as well as additional information can be found on the project site.


On Evaluating Runtime Performance of Interactive Visualizations

Presentation of our Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics paper.

Space-Time Volume Visualization of Gaze and Stimulus

Presentation of our ETRA 2019 paper.

Voronoi-Based Foveated Volume Rendering

Presentation of our EuroVis 2019 short paper.

Service & Teaching


Early Career Program Committee Member, In Situ Infrastructures for Enabling Extreme-scale Analysis and Visualization (ISAV), 2019 and 2020.

I reviewed for IEEE VIS, EuroVis, LDAV, Computers & Graphics, EGPGV, ETRA, and Future Generation Computer Systems.

Advised student theses and projects

Foveated volume rendering Bachelor
Generating field data with GANs for evaluation of visualization performance Master
Encoding quality prediction for interactive remote visualization Master
Investigation of volume rendering performance through active learning and visual analysis Master
GPU-accelerated rendering of dense light fields Research Module
Power efficiency for volume rendering on mobile devices Research Module
Investigation and prediction of performance of distributed volume rendering Master

Supervised courses

In Situ Visualization Seminar Summer 2020
Advanced Rendering Advanced seminar Winter 2019 / 20
Realistic Real-Time Graphics Seminar Summer 2019
Computer Graphics Lecture Winter 2018 / 19
Computer Graphics Lecture Winter 2017 / 18
Image Synthesis Lecture Summer 2017
Practical Course Visual Computing Lab Winter 2016 / 17
Image Synthesis Lecture Summer 2016